Saturday, June 26, 2010

Belated First Birthday

Doodle Bop (as his brother affectionately calls him) celebrated his first birthday in March, but it was a fete to remember!

He was a happy birthday noodle at breakfast....

And the joy continued with this vegan Candied Clementine Cake (receipe taken from Vegan Yum Yum) The site also offers a great iphone app. The cake was easy to make, delicious and involved candying my own clementines, peels and all, which made for a tangy, sweet and moist cake.

I made this fabric book for Doodle, taken from a pattern in the fall, 2009 Stitch Magazine. Maybe it will teach him his shapes and numbers. It certainly won't teach him how to sew properly!!!

Happy belated birthday, Doodle!!!


  1. aaaaw Happy Birthday Doodle Bop! Skyla calls her lil' sister Minzer Doodle! (cuz her nickname is Mini)

  2. We should get the doodles together soon!


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