Saturday, May 15, 2010

Craft! Baby Changing Pad

This has become one of my favorite baby-on-the-way gifts to make, mainly because you can use the pre-cut fat quarters, which means less margin for error by insuring I have nothing to do with the cutting of the material.
So… goes my first-ever tutorial.
What you need:
18 x 22 cotton print (and a bit extra for the Velcro fixture, or you could use a coordinating color)
18 x 22 terrycloth (I get the organic kind at F & S)
a two inch strip of Velcro
Step One:
Velcro fixture: cut a 2 x 5-inch piece of fabric. Fold and pin as shown.

Sew three sides (the two short sides and the closed side) leaving the fourth side open.
Turn inside out and sew on Velcro strip.
With terrycloth and cotton print, right sides facing, sew all the way around, leaving a three-inch gap so you can turn it inside out. Also, don’t forget to place that Velcro on material piece so it sticks out of the terrycloth and material (just sandwich it between the two materials and sew right over it)

Turn the whole thing inside out.
It’s so pretty!
Figure out how you’re going to compact the project either by folding or rolling. Then sew on the other piece of Velcro so that it jives with the first piece you’ve sewn on. I’ve made the rolling kind, which looks like a yoga mat and is fine for car trunk storage, but I find when I make these as gifts, the folded kind is much appreciated because it is much more compact.
Et voila! Wrap and wait for oo’s and aaah’s.

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